Is a remodel right for you?

July 25th, 2022 | by Shawn Welland

What Level of Impact Will A Remodel Have On My Daily Life?


A renovation has the potential to upset your everyday life in ways that you may have never considered. However, the level of inconvenience will depend on how extensive your remodel is and which rooms you are choosing to renovate. A bathroom remodel will not affect your routine to the same extent as a kitchen. Keep reading to discover how much a remodel may shake up your life.

Living In the Home

When living with a remodel in your home, dust is one of the biggest things you will face. It will be everywhere, absolutely everywhere, and nowhere in your home will be safe.

You may also face very uncomfortable conditions. This will depend on what extent of remodeling is taking place, but you may not have normal comforts such as HVAC, electricity, plumbing, or even privacy. There may even be times when you have open walls throughout your home, allowing you to see from one end to the other.


Children will present a whole host of problems when undertaking a remodel. All the new places to play, things to climb on, and tools to play with will give your children an endless amount of trouble to get into. A construction site makes a perfect place for your children to want to play and get into things they shouldn’t.


The Timeline

It will seem like the timeline will never end. You are counting down the days, and there is always something else. Every renovation has problems that arise, materials that are taking longer than expected to arrive, labor taking longer than expected, and more issues that must be dealt with. All of this sums up to you being stuck in a renovation for longer than you planned.
And during this extended length of time, don’t expect to maintain your regular habits, such as sleeping in late or having peaceful weekends. It is common for construction workers to begin working very early in the morning and work through the weekends as well.


Makeshift kitchen


One of the most common remodeling projects people pursue is kitchen remodels. If a new kitchen is in your renovation dreams, it means that your kitchen will be unusable for days, if not weeks, or even months. This also means that if you are considering a kitchen remodel, you will need to have a game plan for what you will be eating while your kitchen is being worked on.
If you’re hoping to save some money by not eating out every day, then this is where your ingenuity will need to come in. Camp stoves are great options for kitchen remodels, as are barbeque grills, outdoor smokers, and small kitchen appliances that plug into an outlet. With the new technology of pressure cookers and air fryers, a savvy homeowner will not be left without dinner while their kitchen is updated to the new kitchen of their dreams.


A renovation is rarely an easy task to undertake. You will have to deal with all kinds of obstacles, materials, and tools being in the way, essential decisions having to be made quickly, children, and of course, the mess. This may all sound like a headache, but you must realize you are talking about living in an active construction area. The benefit greatly outweighs the cost.

The impact that the new addition to your home will make on your day-to-day life is immeasurable. Think about having more counter space to prepare meals for your family. A new shower that you are confident there are no leaks in. Double sinks in the bathroom so that your wife or husband can have their own space. Or the addition of a room for your new baby. Whatever the cost may be, a month or two of inconvenient living conditions won’t even matter anymore.

And when your project is completed, you will be able to look back at your short time of discomfort and embrace the new portion of your home that has been created just for you. Try to keep in mind while you are in the process that in the end, you will be living in your space, enjoying what has been done, and it will have all been worth it.