Seattle Bathroom Renovation Costs

If you’re interested in renovating your bathroom, one of the first questions you may find yourself wondering is, “How much is it going to cost?” The answer to this question can vary greatly depending on the specifics of your project and various factors such as square footage, material grade, appliances, fixtures, and more. However, on average, you can expect the cost of your Seattle bathroom remodel to range anywhere from 25,000 on the low end to 80,000+ on the high end.  

At A-Z Construction Solutions, we know that it may be scary how much these renovation costs can vary. This is why we’re committed to ensuring our clients are well informed and confident about what their project could total before they get in too deep. Here's a condensed guide to help you understand the essentials.  


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What Factors Can Influence the Cost of a Bathroom Renovation in Seattle?

Below, we outline several essential factors that will impact the cost of your Seattle bathroom renovation:

  1. Size: A more spacious master bathroom will demand more materials, such as countertops, cabinetry, and flooring, than a small hall bath.
  2. Project Scope: Are you considering a full-on revamp, where you break down walls or are you merely in the market for a few aesthetic tweaks?
  3. Materials and Finishes: opting for mid-range materials and finishes can make your makeover less expensive compared to if you choose to go for more lavish and high-end.
  4. Electrical/Plumbing: Electrical and plumbing work takes specialized expertise so it can drive costs.
  5. Labor Costs: As the scope and size of the project expand, so does the need for additional labor, leading to a higher overall cost.
  6. Unforeseen Expenses: A bathroom renovation has the potential to uncover hidden issues such as water damage, mold, or outdated electrical wiring. 

Bathroom Remodeling Price Breakdown

Cost for Hall Bathroom (5’X8’)
Most fall between “Better and Best”
Aspect Good Better Best
Tub Existing tub Replace with fiberglass or tub Remove tub, replace with tile shower base
Flooring & Shower Walls Ceramic tile floor and shower walls Porcelain tile floor and walls Porcelain or natural stone tile
Plumbing Fixtures Entry level Upgraded High-end
Vanity Cabinets Entry level Semi-custom Custom
Granite Entry level Granite/Quartz tops Granite/Quartz top and shower pieces
Electrical Updates Electrical changes/updates Electrical changes/updates
Shower Door Not included Not included Custom
Fixture Location Remain in same location Remain in same locations May be moved
Budget Range 25K+ 35K+ 55K+
Cost for Large Master Bathroom
Most fall between “Better and Best”
Aspect Good Better Best
Tub & Shower Base Replace with new fiberglass tub and shower base (existing sizes/locations) Remove existing tub and shower. Expand shower base for tile (tab not included) Remove existing tub and shower. Install new tub, expand shower base with seat
Flooring & Walls Porcelain tile floor and walls Porcelain tile floor, base, and walls Natural stone floor, base, and walls
Plumbing Fixtures Upgraded Upgraded High-end
Vanity Cabinets Semi-custom Semi-custom Custom with linen cabinets
Granite Granite/Quartz top Granite/Quartz tub and shower pieces Granite/Quartz top and shower pieces
Electrical Electrical changes/updates Electrical changes/updates Electrical changes/updates
Shower Door Custom Custom Custom
Fixture Location Same locations Limited movement May be moved
Budget Range 50K+ 60K+ 80K+

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Simple, Easy Financing Options By A-Z

Financing Your Bathroom Remodel Project 

We provide straightforward financing options to help Seattle homeowners turn their bathroom remodeling dreams into reality. Don't let financial constraints hold you back. 

No Down Payment for 12 Months 

Financing offers you the freedom to navigate unexpected expenses or allocate funds for other ventures while undergoing your project. With our flexible payment plans, starting your bath remodel is easy and affordable, catering to any budget up to $150,000.

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No Interest if Paid in Full in 12 Months

Loan programs by GreenSky A Goldman Sachs Company. Interest will be charged during the promotional period; however, all interest charges will be waived if the full purchase amount is paid within 12 months. 

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Budgeting for Your Seattle Bathroom Remodel

Along with the numerous financing methods we provide, there are numerous ways to make the most out of your budget and ensure your dream bathroom transformation is within reach. Here’s a few tips for budgeting for your bathroom remodel

  1. Establish Practical Goals: Our team can help you map out practical goals that align with your proposed budget.
  2. Be Open to Different Materials: It's unnecessary for all materials or fixtures to be indulgent or premium. Spend some time exploring materials at moderate to entry-level prices that are still of excellent quality.
  3. Maintain Flexibility: Renovations require flexibility – whether it's adjusting materials, tweaking design elements, or navigating unexpected delays.
  4. Collaborate With Someone You Trust: Collaborating with a trusted contractor can help to maximize your remodeling budget as well as ensure you stay within your desired price range. 
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