What Homeowners Should Know About Cabinet Hardware

July 1th, 2019 | by Shawn Welland

When it comes time to remodel the kitchenor update your bathroom, home homeowners often select cabinet hardware as an afterthought. Surprisingly, doing this will limit the impact of your renovation. It’s often the small details that affect the space most. Don’t throw away a perfect opportunity to enhance your bathroom or kitchen by settling for what’s easy regarding this important design element. Before talking to a contractor, here are three factors every homeowner should consider about cabinet hardware.

There Are Many Different Styles

Picking cabinet hardware isn’t as simple as it may seem. Not all drawer knobs and cabinet pulls are the same. In fact, hardware styles differ quite a bit. Not only do you need to decide which material and color you want, but what kind of design you prefer as well. Feeling funky? There’s a knob for that! Prefer traditional, sleek? Not a problem either.

  1. Hardware Shouldn’t Stray from Cabinet Design

It’s likely you already have an idea of the “look” you want your new cabinets to have. While using your hardware selections to enhance the cabinets is always a great idea, don’t be too eccentric. Remember that your pulls and knobs should still match or, at least, complement the cabinets your remodeling company installs.

  1. It’s Easy to Match the Fixtures

The cabinets aren’t the only items you should be concerned with matching. Fixtures, such as lights and faucets shouldn’t differ too much from your cabinet hardware either. Make sure the materials, color, and shape fit your space as a whole.

Think You’re Ready to Pick the Right Cabinet Hardware for Your Home?

Don’t let picking the cabinet knobs and pulls for your project be an afterthought. At A-Z Construction Solutions, LLC we understand that every design element is important. Our goal is to help you create the space of your dreams, whether that’s by constructing, remodeling, or installing new floors. To learn more about our company and the many, many home improvement services that we offer, visit our website. You can also call us with questions at (425) 276-7602. We can’t wait to hear from you and look forward to scheduling a consultation to discuss your upcoming home project.