4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before a Bathroom Remodel

April 1th, 2019 | by Shawn Welland

A bathroom remodel in your home can do more than simply improve appearance. A successful remodel will allow you to maximize space, increase your home value, create greater functionality, and add more storage. Sometimes the numerous options in a remodel project can be overwhelming. These questions will help you decide what you want from a bathroom remodel.

Which bathroom should you choose?

Before beginning, decide what the scope of your makeover project will be. Will you remodel your downstairs half-bath you only use a few times a week, or the master bathroom you use daily? The bathrooms you use most often require larger budgets because they generally have more amenities.

What is your budget for the bathroom makeover?

After deciding which bathrooms need work, decide how much money to budget for the project. Once the budget is established, sticking to it will benefit you, the contractor, and the design team. Knowing the financial limits of the project will help everyone make informed choices and will prevent any future misunderstandings during the project.

How do you use the bathroom, and what amenities are important?

Besides the basics, everyone has unique desires for the bathroom space. For some, a double vanity is essential so family members are able to get ready simultaneously. For others, a relaxing spa-like tub where they can destress after work is important. Also, determine the problem areas of your current bathroom, so your contractor can address these needs during the design process for your remodel.

How much energy do you use?

One of the most important factors to consider before deciding to remodel your bathroom is how much energy you and your family use. Could you use less? Eco-friendly designs have grown in popularity in the Seattle area over the last few years. Keep in mind that you don’t need to sacrifice water or energy to be “green”. For instance, you can install energy efficient appliances to help save water while flushing the toilet or to control the temperature of the shower; so you save both water and heat. A green remodel could result in lower energy bills as well as peace of mind knowing you’re conserving resources.

Your bathroom is an essential component to your home. A-Z Remodeling’s experienced team is trained to ask you all of the important questions during your consultation, ensuring that you receive the result you want. With our durable materials and trend-proof styles, a bathroom or kitchen remodel update is sure to last for years, giving you the best return on investment. So, don’t wait any longer to have the bathroom of your dreams—call or email us today!